When will I receive my photos?

I will always try to get you a sneak peak within a few days. You can expect the rest of the album within 1-2 weeks (but I usually get them to you before that).

Will you help with posing? "I don't know what to do with my hands"

Yes! Don't worry at all! I promise I will guide you the entire time. Usually after a few minutes, clients feel super comfy with me and we end up capturing the most natural and stunning shots. The most important thing to be in a shoot is you feeling comfortable and that you're having a f*cking great time!

Still nervous? Would a shot or a glass of wine help? ;)

Do you provide the original, RAW images?

In short, no. You will receive my edited images according to your contract. I do not provide any of the unedited, RAW photos.

Will I have full rights to my photos?

Yep! You will have the rights to do whatever you wish with the photos. I do ask that you provide me with credit if you post if providing the photos to businesses or to use in marketing.

Note: You cannot screenshot the images before posting and you cannot re-edit the photos. Why? Because I have a specific style and the photos you'll be sharing represent my brand, which is part of my marketing. So, if you post a photo I took of you and edit it with filters, etc. it's not an accurate representation of my style and brand. If you have more questions on this, please reach out and we can talk more! :)

Are you LGBTQ+ friendly?

YES YES YES. The only humans I will not take photos of are assholes - I'm a photographer, not a proctologist ;)

You are loved, accepted, and safe with me - always.

"Will you make edits to my body/skin?" (i.e. photoshop, etc.)

Yes and no... I do very basic editing, which includes minimal editing for things like acne, bruises, minor teeth whitening if you ask. I do NOT alter your body, your curves, or do heavy editing techniques that makes your skin look like a SIMs character - You are beautiful the way you are.

Boudoir: Where will the session be located?

This is up to you! I do not currently offer a photo studio, but I'm happy to come to your residence for an in-home shoot. If your place does not have the best natural lighting or it isn't the aesthetic you're going for, most people book a cute space through Air BnB or Peerspace.

Boudoir: Do you share my photos?

In short - only if you give me permission to! Though I'd flippin LOVE to show off the beautiful, spicy photos, I totally understand that not everyone would like theirs shared due to the nature of the photos. You will get to decide when you sign the contract if you with to let me share all, some, or none. Either way, you're a baddie.

Boudoir: Ah! What do I wear?

Whatever you feel sexy, comfortable, and confident in! You will need to bring your own lingerie or other sexy outfits and accessories to the session. I HIGHLY recommend wearing solid colors and items with texture (black, white, red, lacey little things are always hot. Pearls, belly chains, chokers, ya know, fun stuff!) and lingerie that fits your body type, shape, and your own personality.

Note: be cautious of bodysuits that have the weird little clasp that sits on your lady bits as this can sometimes rub and cause rashes in the not-so-fun areas. The clasps can also be hard to hide in certain poses. Feel free to bring them to try with some back ups and we can always change into another outfit quickly if necessary.

Note: I highly recommend not wearing super tight jeans or bras to the session to start. Why? Because you don't want the jean marks on your stomach, legs, waist, and bra strap marks on your back and shoulders in the photos. It's better to wear comfy clothes to the session and jump into your sexies when we start. (which can include jeans because unzipped jeans with sexy lace panties is a funnnnn shot idea).

Check out Yandy, Shein, AdoreMe, PrettyLittleThing and other similar sites for inexpensive and cute lingerie!

Boudoir: Do you I need to be in a relationship to have boudoir photos taken?

Abso-freakin-lutely NOT! These photos are for YOU. So many women love taking boudoir photos for the hell of it because they want to feel confident, sexy, powerful, bold - you name it! Others like to take photos to put in an album for their partner as a gift, but you certainly do not need to be in any relationship to have a boudoir session.

Boudoir: Are boudoir photos for a certain age and/or body type?

Big nope! I am here to capture ALL ages, shapes, sizes. You may not get to see all of the different types of bodies I work with if clients have not given me consent to post, but I assure you - boudoir photos are for EVERYONE.

Boudoir: What about hair and makeup?

Hair and makeup is not included. If you wish to have your hair and makeup done, you will need to schedule that separately with a stylist/makeup artist of your choosing prior to the session. You do not NEED to get your hair and makeup done, but some people like to and that's a total personal preference.